Paid patient care

In the Clinical Center of University of Debrecen histopathologic, cytodiagnostic and molecular tumor pathology tests, which are not or only partially reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) are available for a fee. It is necessary to consult with your doctor about the necessary examinations.

In addition, we provide the opportunity for non-insured and insured patients to carry out investigations at their own request for a fee.

Insured: possesses a valid official card or European health insurance card, or a replacement form (insurance certificate), which certifies the social security identification number (TAJ number).

The insured person is entitled to free health care services provided by NEAK.

Our services can be requested for a fee at the REOF Paid Patient Care Center ( ), where our colleges speak several languages (including Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian) and try to find solutions to any problem. They can provide interpretation, specialist translation, patient escort and referral on request.

Updated: 2020.01.13.